Opening a clothing store may seem simple, but the truth is that if it is not structured in an orderly way and with a prior analysis, it can lead to a bad investment that brings several problems. The moment of creating a company is very complicated for new entrepreneurs, since it involves a series of very important expenses. Therefore, it is recommended that you take into account how much it costs to open a clothing store approximately before starting your project.

The best way to start any activity from scratch, it is best to develop a business plan that demonstrates the viability of the project. In this way, you must present your business idea, analyze the sector, the competition and establish a defined profile of your target customer. Likewise, you will have to propose strategic lines and concrete actions that allow you to achieve your objectives, proposing in turn an organizational scheme with the jobs and the tasks to be carried out by each member of the team.

Once these steps of the business plan have been carried out, you must go on to draft the economic and financial plan, which is the section in which the initial investment for a clothing store is collected, the possible financing channels if necessary and the expected income and expenses in a scenario that is as realistic as possible.

How Much Money does it Take to Start a Clothing Store?

Knowing how much it costs to start a clothing business for sure is quite complicated, because it will depend to a greater extent on the clothing line that you want to market and the place where the store will be located, you can buy Vlone Hoodies and earn more by selling them.

To begin, you will have to find a place that suits the needs of your business, both in size and area. Once you have chosen the area, make a study of the possible commercial premises that fit the characteristics of your business and that are in better conditions. Choose at least 3 of them and compare prices. Depending on the area, the price of a premises can vary significantly, as well as depending on the size, but an average monthly rental price can be estimated at 800 euros.

Stores need an opening license, which due to the specificity of the activity can be processed by responsible declaration, so the process will be faster and the license cheaper. The license and the construction project add up to about 500 euros.

As a general rule, the premises found (about 60 square meters) will need some improvement, in matters such as painting or electricity. So, cleaning it up can be around 1,000 euros. To this must be added the building license, which adds more or less 100 to this amount.

In addition, the municipal activity license must also be processed, which depending on the municipality and the area of ​​the premises will have one price or another. In the case of the 60 square meter store, the price of the license usually amounts to 500 euros.

Another very important aspect of the store is decoration and functionality, so the machinery (such as computers, boxes and others) and furniture (counter, coat racks, changing rooms, etc.) are especially important. This game can perfectly amount to 2,500 euros. Like everything, it will depend on the quality and design of the products and the specific needs of the store. A neighborhood clothing store is not the same as a more distinguished store in an area with inhabitants of a medium-high economic level.

In another vein, registering self-employed workers is also an expense to take into account. The fee ranges from 50 euros per month with the maximum bonus, to 270 euros for the full module.

Now that you have a rough idea of ​​the budget to start your clothing business, you can start to make a forecast to be able to set up your store and achieve success by selling Vlone Shirts. As we mentioned before, the first step is to make the business plan where all the important decisions for the creation of the company will be formalized.